More than 120 ads on May and not even one BAT received


I viewed more than 120 ads on May and I received on my uphold account only 0.63 BAT.

The monthly statement displays zero BATs and zero ads. Check the image below!

So where is the rest of the BATs?

At 0.005 BAT per ad, 0.63 BATs looks reasonable for 120 ads. Any pending rewards would be accommodated in payouts next month.
Payments to Uphold wallets don’t reflect in monthly statement of rewards summary in browser. You can see that in transaction history your Uphold wallet.

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Thank you!
Something is not right. Look at the April stats:

I had fewer ads on April because I was not using brave so much. And still, the April stats display 2250 BATs. What I want to know is why the May stats display zero all over the place.

May be you verified your wallet in April so from May onwards your rewards statement will not be recorded in Browser. You can only see them in Uphold.

Yes, in April I received the first payment, and I think that is when I verified the uphold account.

But the strange thing is that I had 2250 BATs earned in April and I barely used brave, so the number of ads was very small. And in May I used brave extensively and I got more than 120 ads, and only 0,63 BATs earned. Something does not add up and is fishy. Check the image below, where it says that on May 10th I receved in uphold account only 0.26 BATs.

And this image shows that 2250 BATs were earned in April:
Not to mention that my estimated earnings every month are almost 10 BATs, this month inluded:

Did you claim multiple awards accumulated from previous months in April? And do you have multiple wallets linked to your Uphold account?
If you were paid less amount in May, your remaining estimated pending rewards would be accounted for in next month’s payout cycle. This happens normally.

Are you talking about the rewards that used to pop up in this menu?

I stopped getting them for some time, I think right after I validated my uphold account. And now all I see in that menu is what I posted in the picture above.

In months June 2020, July 2020, January 2021, I accumulated 23.75 BATs. My uphold account received until now only 10.89 BATs. Not to mention that the other months display zero earnings, when I certainly viewed ads, so they should not have been zero. So it’s definitely something fishy here that needs fixing.
Look at the images below 23.75 BATs in total and I have just 10 in my uphold account):

Thank you for replying and trying to help out! It seems that no one else cares, including the brave browser staff.

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@Mattches Please see this.

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

DM sent. Thank you for looking into this!

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I have clicked some ads,but no receiving any bat rewards,is there something wrroing?or I need some body who can help me

@leon6070 Please start your own thread instead of commenting on an issue that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Be sure to provide the basic troubleshooting information that is requested in the template that will appear when you start a new thread.

Also, you don’t have to click ads in order to receive BAT for them.

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