More selectivity and info from shields


As sites react to brave and other blocking browsers, users increasingly need to go shields down to access a page (or go away, of course). As brave is currently small, just ignoring that won’t work. (Contact apple and see if they’ll get on board with the whole shields codebase).

BUT, it would be great to have a more selective approach. So show the user all the cookies, scripts, and trackers attempting to load on the page (grouped by source and with danger warnings) and let us:

  1. Turn them off selectively
  2. Share profiles anonymously for “minimum needed to have site work” so millions aren’t discovering this over and over.
    PS, if you guys can work with duckduckgo, their blocker is quite nice and rates sites for privacy (not very well… Again a day or two of brave crowd sourced privacy linking would fix this :slight_smile:

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