More newspapers: Message that detects the blocking of ads

I’ve been reporting similar problems on some Spanish websites where a message appears that detects ad blocking software.

In this case, the web is:

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

No banner

Reproduces how often:


Thanks for Reporting, the team can eliminate that type of Messages with DIV configurations in a Future and programming of the website by means of code to select the fields that the user wants to eliminate by means of clicks and that are stored in a small saved pre-made database in the user’s computer so that he can delete the content that bothers him, it is just an idea but it will be solved.

For now I recommend you touch the F12 key and or “Developer tools” touch the Mouse or the Mouse icon that appears and you delete that field, delete that message and you can continue looking at the web without problem.

Thanks for reporting, this may be an idea for the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. Very nice. When I was following your steps, I lose the vertical scroll bar. Only if you have not the windows maximized, the vertical scroll bar does not disappear. Thanks.

EDIT: Not exactly… I lose the vertical scroll bar, but it seems I surf in thw website, I recover the scroll bar…

The most curious thing is that this newspaper interests me little and I don’t like it, but I hate that they put that type of message. But the best thing is that this trick will help me for other websites.

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Hi @Shark69 I’ve rolled out a fix into Brave to remove the detection.

Give it 24-48hrs.


Thanks! I’ll give you feedback

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Hi @fanboynz
Solved. Thanks a lot!

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