More Hotfix releases for 0.19 are planned (Fixes for tab freezing issues etc. will not be available yet)


Hi there,

As many of you noticed, on the latest release 0.19.95 there is a lot of serious issues related with tab freezing, performance, and so on :disappointed:

Many of them are expected to be fixed on 0.20.x, yet before moving forward to 0.20 there will be several Hotfix releases on 0.19.x.

Please refer to for the latest information.

I think the dev team is pushing hard to release the hotfixes as soon as possible. Please hang tight :slight_smile:

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I' m wondering when its upgrading to 0.20?
V0.19.105dev for laptop has been released!
V0.19.88dev for laptop has been released!
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I believe before the end of next week, all the hotfixes will be fixed and that 0.20.x will also be released shortly after that considering most of the issues within are already fixed. So all in all quite happy with your efforts and in awe to be honest, congrats!


I did not say the team will not plan Hotfix 7 :-p

Actually the team will release another Hotfix based on Chromium 63. Schedule TBA.


Actually there will be Hotfix 7:

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