More Dashboard Pinned Sites

Hello Brave team,

I’ve come from the Firefox world. One feature that was very useful is the ability to pin more then 6 sites to the Dashboard.

One other thing is how the pages show up in the first place. I tried dragging down a site but that didn’t work.

The browser is great! Fast!!

Thanks, Kevin

I am a new Brave user and absolutely love the speed of this browser.

I agree 100% with Kevin’s comments. I would like to pin a few dozen sites to the dashboard, and to be able to drag a site into place.

Additionally, it would be great if we can organize the pinned sites into folders!


I’ve used Momentum Dashboard since I found out about it. I recently installed Brave as my “personal” browser in my work PC and caught on the dashboard. Not sure when it was introduced but I liked it a lot. Just needs some more options for customization and I could probably remove Momentum. Below my suggestions:

  1. Have a collapsible menu with favicons and customizable text for favorites.
  2. Have a weather widget with nice icons that can blend in with the background image.
  3. Add options for frequency of background change (once a day, hourly, etc).