More control over top sites on new tab homepage


Currently you can only pin six sites on the new tab homepage.

Could you give us the option of adding more, say 24? (four rows of six) or 30? (five rows of six) I realize you don’t want to clutter your design, so having six can remain the default. I’m a Safari veteran who misses the top sites page.

Also, some ability to pin a website to this new tab top sites page from within a website. Unless I’m missing something, currently I have to wade through the icons on the new tab homepage until the site I want to pin comes up. I have to spend an awful lot of time deleting what I don’t want, and I can’t edit the URL to that website’s homepage, forcing me to accept last page viewed.

I’m a Brave newbie, so maybe this is possible somewhere. If it is, I can’t find it.



Adding sites to the new tab page is certainly under consideration. We are currently looking at doubling the number and adding some better methods of curating the list.



Yes, this is a MUST. Like safari, chrome you can have pages of your most visited sites easy to navigate in organized panels. 6 is on odd choice and no where near enough. They should be unlimited. I plan on using this browser for a specific purpose and specific websites only used with this browser. This was discussed and Feb and still has not been addressed over 4 months later?


is this issue being looked at? For those of us who find themselves severely allergic to all things ‘social’, and ‘apple’, it would be extremely beneficial to be able to remove the constantly reappearing apple/twitter/facebook tiles/icons/thumbnails/things.




Do we have an update on this? Either additional website slots or the ability to manually add sites that we want displayed there.

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