More Adblock Filters

Brave adblock fails to block most ads and trackers. For example, twitch amazon tracking can not prevent.

You already know that cosmetic strainers don’t work. But I wish Nano adblocker would work like ad and tracker blocking settings. I don’t want to need an external extension.


May not be needed now. Removed from Easylist. (was used for an Anti-adblock)

UBo/Nano have there own filtersets which occasionally overrules Easylist thats all.

Cosmetic strainers also have improvement. But it’s still not enough. Cannot block boxes where ads are placed. Until recently Opera could not apply cosmetic filters. But now they have solved this problem. Your updates have also reduced the problem. But he still hasn’t completely figured it out. [Google Translate]



Cosmetic filter is coming, and should take care of this whitespace

@Darktower If you’d like to test the cosmetic filtering, install Brave Nightly :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Some sites still have problems. But most sites have improved.
For example, it does not work on the site below. The extension that supports an external Adguard filter is working properly.

I closed and opened the Adguard list from settings. This filter is still not working. The cosmetic filter, which the Opera browser also offers, works.


Can’t Adblock updates be sent without a browser update? Can the components interface be updated through?

Not all lists are supported atm.

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