Months Flagged - Losing Hope and BATs

Hi @steeven ,

My issue is that my Brave Rewards account has been flagged for several months now and doesn’t seem to get unflagged on its own.

I’m using Brave Version 1.59.84 Chromium: 117.0.5938.48 (Official Build) beta (arm64) on iOS.

My verified custodian is Uphold.

I’m located in Ireland, which I believe is a supported region for Brave Rewards verification.

I would really appreciate any help in getting my Rewards account unflagged so I can start earning and receiving rewards again. Please let me know if any other information would be helpful. Thank you!

Please raise a ticket at

Once raised, please share ticket id you receive in the email you submitted.
Also, support might take upto 3 to 4 weeks to get back to you. So be patient. They are handling a lot of tickets lately.

Thank you @SmartyAadi
I raised a ticket: My case number for this ticket is 222850

Same here. Seeing ads but not receiving BAT

Thank you @faincut, reviewing.

I received a response from support that my account has been unflagged.

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