Monthly Rewards Summary Stopped Working

I opened my Brave rewards account in March 2020 and use the brave browser on my PC for most things. The rewards summary worked at first but in April something broke and the monthly rewards summary just shows “no activities yet…”. My wallet works and the estimated pending rewards works (sort of, not all ads clicked result in a reward). How do I fix my brave browser on my PC so that the monthly rewards summary works?


Can you share a screenshot?

Is this one ok? It shows the no activity to the right while showing BAT earned on the left.

Here’s he wallet activity, Though I have earned 9.9 BAT, the wallet screen says zero.

Thanks for the screenshots @Amigo13.

It shows no activity because there’s no activity in your wallet. Basically, those 9 BAT is not in your wallet yet. Will be paid next month, July 5th. And after that, your summary for July will show activity – Earning from ads.

Thank you for responding. But the summaries for May and April are pretty much blank as well. For some reason in May I earned .8 BAT from “Ads rewards received.” But 21 .0 BAT were transferred to my Uphold wallet on June 5th. April just shows zeroes for everything even though close to 32 BAT were transferred to my Uphold wallet on May 5th.

Hello eljuno,

I went back to check if there was an update and my account no longer existed. I signed up with the same user name and email and created a new account. But the old information no longer exists, except through this email chain. Where did the old account go?


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