Monthly Payout missing

Hi @ayman1001 - please see DM. Thanks.

@steeven did you ask for my email too?
here’s my email account :

because since july brave never paid me.

hello bro @steeven , please read my DM, my account i dont receive payment august 2020, hope will pay september 8th 2020… thank you !

@dekachavid @altafbhay - let me know if you don’t receive payment on the 8th.

@steeven what about me???

im still waiting about the payout for 2 months ago, will be brave paid us on this 9th sept ?

Hi @ayman1001 - please see DM. @dekachavid please see - Following up on Referral Program Closure for five countries.

okay thanks for the reply, hopefully brave will paid this month

@dekachavid, Where are you from?

@Rich20 im from indonesia

Hi @dekachavid, your country is within the 5 countries that can no longer benefit from Brave Creators.

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I from Indonesia too. The Brave creator is no longer in my country for referral program, but for tip still able.

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what do they mean by fraudulent referrers :thinking:

@steeven, the amount of BAT pending for August was much larger than the amount I received in my Uphold account. Same for my wife. What is going on?

nothing happen in 8th september, just like last month, no payment, no bat come to my uphold…what should i do ? DM you again? or waiting for miracle hahaha…

Update : thanks @steeven , i just received All BAT from my publisher Account.

do not expect payment from the scammers. I didn’t get paid for two months, then on September 8 they promised to pay and instead froze my money. prove them there something else. I don’t have to prove anything to them, let them provide a reason not invented but legal with the point of violation. friends of us are no longer a few, we are preparing to sue this financial fraudulent structure that earned a lot of money for us and we were deceived. we are preparing a massive lawsuit


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Hello @steeven , please read my DM, my account i dont receive payment from july until august 2020, hope brave will pay this month thank you!

You said you were from Indonesia, Steeven replied, read this post

Also read this link here, they will make a payment for every download that was obtained earlier this September

in that case the payments are still being processed