Monthly Payout missing

I could see this month’s payout of 25 BAT up until “in progress” but the next day it vanished. I have not received the payout yet and my statements also dont show it being deposited to my uphold account.

Edit : Today it shows July-Aug payout to be 19 BAT although a few days ago it was showing 25 BAT in payout. I don’t understand what happened. Also the 19 BAT that my latest statements showed to have been paid out doesn’t reflect in my uphold account yet. Will keep this post updated when it shows in my uphold

Edit : As it turns out I had received the 19 BAT already in my uphold before it showed in my publisher’s page. But I still dont understand what happened to the 25 BAT payout that was in progress for Aug


same thing happened for me…it was showing “in progress” …but since yesterday, nothing is showing.even its not showing Refferal space. Didn’t recieved rewards.

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no payment, the process reached the end to the status of payment and then everything stopped.

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Did you contact anyone regarding it?

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Exactly the same. When did this happen with you? Last month?

No,…I Thought posting here would help me

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where are the community moderators…???

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Haven’t heard from them yet

I asked for help wherever possible everyone is silent, the administration of those support is silent. there are no credits to the uphold wallet for the month of July. scammers brave. I delete my browser and will never use it. I post this information on all forums to let people know that brave are scammers.

Today’s update
I haven’t yet received the 19 BAT payout in my uphold account

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Looks like Brave no longer respects his enthusiasts at all. This team is no longer interested in us.


Today’s update : the payout has still not reached my uphold account. What is happening??
I hope the moderators are listening to us.
Although I haven’t heard from them yet.
Does anyone who to tag here or is it even possible to do it in the first place?

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@steeven please look into this

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Hi @Ravenox, can you DM me the email linked to your account? I’ll see what’s going on.

@sergeysemenko.09, as mentioned in the DM, you will be paid out in full on September 8th.


On September 8, I have to receive the second payment already !!! you do not comply with our agreement concluded between you and us users where the terms of payment are specified. You have violated these terms unilaterally, you have violated our agreement with you. you did not pay me what I earned !!! You are doing me a favor by pointing out that you will pay on September 8 only on September 8, I should receive a second payment already !!! you do not comply with our agreement that we entered into during the period of starting to use your browsers and participating in the program. I demand the payment of the money earned to me not when you want, but within the terms specified in the agreement. You have not paid me what you have violated the agreement between us, I want to pay me the full amount and compensate me for the damage for your failure to comply with the payment deadlines specified in the agreement !!!

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youtube payment came as twitter payment and twitter payment still in pending in uphold card

I am not sure what happened to the 25 BAT paying out in progress in my publisher’s account but I think it’s not gonna be resolved. Maybe it was a glitch maybe something else Idk but I am not thinking about it anymore.
I hope it doesn’t happen again

@raviteja33 - let me know if you don’t receive your full payment on the 8th.

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@steeven - me too i didn’t receive 8 aug payout i sent you Multiple DM’s but no satisfying answer

sure i will for 8th … thanks for replay