Monthly payment completely different than projected


My payment went through on 9 May as expected, but found out the payments made were completely different than what should have happened. It looked like 48 different sites were getting payments, many of them only 1%, but the highest-scored site was to get 13%. Instead, my “payment” consisted of 9 websites each getting the same amount (11.11%, or 1/9th).

Also, my history didn’t reset, which is why I know exactly what the percentages should have been.

Snap of some of the history:

Snap of the payments report:

Other stuff:
OS: Windows 8.1, 64-bit (I know, I know, lol)
Brave: v0.21.18, rev 580be78

Side issues:

  • Every time I check or uncheck a website in the Payments page, I completely lose the sort order and everything shows up in some arbitrary order.
  • I have the auto-include option on, but websites are just as likely to show up turned off instead of on after I visit a new site
  • As is implied above, my site history in the Payments page has not reset for the new month (payment made 9 March 2018, history still not reset as of 11 March 2018).



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Hi @arctangent

We use statistical voting which is explained by one of my teammates at this link:

However, that being said, that does not mean that there isn’t an issue here. With statistical voting I would expect some variance, but what you are seeing is more than I would have thought. So, I have logged an issue for this, you can track it here:

If you’d like to share additional information for the logged issue (more screenshots, etc) let me know, I can add it (or if you are on GitHub you can add a comment to the issue yourself).



Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it. I see @nejczdovc is already on it!

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