Monthly contribution (auto-contribute) happened multiple times in 1 month

3 days ago, I got a notification (from Uphold) that there had been a payment for 25 BAT from Browser to @BravePublishers.
So far so good, because I set my monthly contribution to 25 BAT indeed.
But it happened 3 times.
Would be great if someone could clarify (and rectify if necessary).

Many thanks!

Hi @grr,

Welcome to community and thanks for writing in! Would you mind sending a note to We can help to take a closer look there.

Thank you!

Done. Thanks @steeven.

Hi @steeven. Just realised I haven’t heard anything since. Mailed twice, but no news.
Would you be able to follow-up?

This happened to me too. 2 x 20 BAT was taken from my wallet.

Should I also send a note to that email address?

I actually don’t care too much about the 20 BAT, but don’t want it to happen every month twice…

Give it a shot, because I still haven’t heard back. Which seems strange…

For what it’s worth, this month, the right amount was taken only once. So either it’s fixed or they were catching up payments from previous months. Either way, it would be good to hear from them.

Hi @grr - sorry for the delay here, I’ve been out sick. Checking on your ticket now.

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