"Monthly Budget" tab still defaulting to 25 BAT


Glad to see that the smaller payment options were added in the last browser update! A month ago (in early December) I converted around $5 worth of fiat to 25 BAT, added it to my Brave Wallet, and earlier today (after a month) it was officially donated.

In light of the higher price of BAT, I just now converted about $4.66 worth of fiat to 5 BAT to keep in my Brave Wallet for my second month. (I base my donation amount on fiat, not on BAT.) But here’s the problem: every time I open my browser now and go to Settings > Payments, it defaults to the “25.0 BAT” selection for the drop-down menu under “monthly budget.” Even if I change it to “5.0 BAT,” it still says, “Your account balance is under your budget for this month. Please add funds,” even though I’ve already successfully added 5 BAT to my Brave Wallet.

Perhaps in the next browser update, this problem can be fixed. Keep up the good work, though.


Update: You can disregard my request below @DiscoProJoe - I was going to investigate but there’s already an issue logged: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/12581


Hi @DiscoProJoe

Do you clear any data on browser exit?



Monthly budgets are too high, need a completely different type of settings to choose ‘monthly budget’ I want to help, but $30CAD a month is too steep. And if crypto goes crazy then no one will donate because the rates are just to high. Any solutions to keep the donation levels a lot lower?


I agree with this. It’d be nice if we could set a custom amount.


Hi @gerrylamarche

What version of Brave are you using? Version 0.19.131 has additional, lower amounts. We currently have the issue I noted above when trying to set 5 BAT as the default.




Custom amount request is logged: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/3654



Version: 0.19.122 (smallest option is 25BAT)

Although five BAT’s are ok for now, in future it could become much more in USD


I just received the latest browser update (Version 0.19.134). The drop-down menu no longer defaults to 25 BAT (and now remembers the 5 BAT selection that I’ve chosen), but unfortunately still says, “Your account balance is under your budget for this month. Please add funds.”

Once again, my Brave Wallet currently has a balance of 5.00 BAT.


Thanks @DiscoProJoe - I’ve reopened https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/12078


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