Money disappear

My money from Publishers account disappeared but I did not received in my Uphold account even if my wallet was connected all the time. Also in December I did not received it even if I had more than 5BAT. The system just skipped my account.
Last week my payout was processing but now my money disappeared. I saw that payouts for January are completed, but my money is not in my Publishers account, also not in my Uphold wallet. Where is it now?

So? Any answer for my enquiry?

i had 4 $ in my uphold wallet which i got from brave rewards but they automatically transfered to BravePublishers while i never sent it back…may be its bigscammmmm


My money didnt go to Brave contributions. I checked. It is like i never had it. No sign of money.
Also my husband didnt t receive it and he quit to use the browser, but I want my money.

ok i will find the way and will revert you

well, I think I will never see the money as no one answer me. The admin reads my message and do not answer. Maybe it is true what they wrote in external forums. From 2021 they will not pay anymore if you do not have Auto-contribute on.

yes you are right

and when you will turn on auto contribute on your Bat will be transferred to brave publisherd .

this is the reason

The Brave Rewards feature in your Brave browser allows you to support the Brave Verified Publishers by contributing BAT to them subject to these Terms.

This feature provides several mechanisms for you to contribute BAT from your User Wallet to Brave Verified Publisher(s). Currently, these mechanisms include automatic attention-based monthly contributions (“ Auto-Contribute ”) and direct tips (“ Tipping ”). When you first enable the Brave Rewards feature in your Brave Browser, please familiarize yourself with the these options. You can learn more about how Brave Rewards works in your Brave browser at and at

To use the Auto-Contribute mechanism, you select a monthly total amount of BAT to contribute to the sites you visit. The Brave browser assesses the attention you pay to the sites you visit, according to a reasonable attention metric that Company determines, and assigns your monthly BAT contribution among those sites based on that metric. To use the Tipping mechanism, you select a one-time or recurring amount of BAT to be contributed to a particular site. You can change your monthly Auto-Contribute amount or recurring Tipping amounts at any time in the Brave Rewards pane of your Brave browser.

If you have not verified your User Wallet with Uphold, your Brave browser uses a privacy-protecting protocol to assign your BAT contributions to a site. This protocol is designed to ensure that we know how much BAT has been contributed to each site, without knowing which Brave Rewards Users support which sites, preserving your privacy.

The total amount of Brave Rewards User contributions assigned to each site is calculated approximately every calendar month. Contributions are sent from User Wallets and made available to sites that are Brave Verified Publishers through a process facilitated by our third-party wallet provider, Uphold. This process is typically completed by the 8th day of the following calendar month. For operating the Service, we charge Brave Verified Publishers a fee equal to 5% of the contributions assigned to them.

Sites and content creators must become Brave Verified Publishers in order to receive contributions. If you attempt to contribute to a site that is not a Brave Verified Publisher when the contribution is attempted, that attempted contribution will not be completed at that time. Your Brave browser will periodically check whether the site has become a Brave Verified Publisher. Ninety days after the attempted contribution, if the site is still not a Brave Verified Publisher, your Brave browser will stop checking and cancel the unsuccessful contribution attempt. If the site becomes a Brave Verified Publisher during this period, the contribution will be processed at that time.

I do not want to contribute. No one gives me money for nothing, I do not give money. Simple like that.
My auto-contribute is off and this is how will stay.

my friend

i have turned off my auto contribute and it will remain off

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