Mojave Support Continuation

Requesting continued Mojave support. My browser just notified me of the change. I am in IT and I use Mojave on all of my devices that I work with. Mojave has major technical benefits that merits users staying on it, as I know many have. Continued 32-bit support, HFS+ support, and a very stable disk utility all lend itself to being the best version of MacOS for serious Mac users. Catalina and beyond are inferior in all these respects. Also, video editors, of which I am one, who have started video projects on iMovie/FCP in Mojave, can experience project-killing issues when updating their projects past the iMovie/FCP versions supported on Mojave to Catalina and above. For both IT professionals and content creators, Mojave remains a popular choice to stay on for many technical reasons. I only provided a few. Please do not drop support for Mojave for as long as technically possible.