Modified Files in Brave-Browser folder

I found modified files in my Brave-Browser folder on home PC the day I was away from home. My computer was shut down between September 7th and 11th. After returning home, Windows started only on the third attempt. There hasn’t been such a problem since installing the OS (Windows 10) a year ago. I decided to look at Event Viewer in Windows Logs. It shows that during my absence the OS did not start, but at the same time it shows the presence of files modified on September 8 in the folder of the Internet browser program. I am an ordinary PC user, not an expert. Can you please tell me if it is possible that on September 8 there was an update of the browser, which I installed on September 11 and, accordingly, the release date of the update is displayed in the program folder? Or did someone change these files on September 8th while I was away from home?

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