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When browsing in mobile view, there are many gifv videos that fail to play in brave, with or without blocking features enabled. In desktop view the video will play. It appears on other types of videos as well. Embedded videos on mobile don’t work well. One drive shared videos don’t work as well.

Here is an example

Brave android 1.0.35


Have you enabled autoplay media in media settings?

Just to be sure is this on Android or iOS?


Autoplay is enabled. Android.

Here is another video in the same sub that is working fine but the first video I linked above still doesn’t play.


This is for the android app.

I got a different problem.

Opening a gif makes the app think there should be audio so I can’t listen to music and look at reddit at the same time.


Hi @Dougo007

Are you still experiencing this? If so, can you provide an example for research?



Pick something in android that plays in the background (ex. Spotify/Youtube) and play a ‘video’ gif on reddit.

Brave thinks that there is audio with it, there isn’t. Chrome knows better.

I don’t know how to provide an example per-say. I could try to get something uploaded but the problem is very generic.

I was just told I can’t upload anything so here is a link:



I believe your issue is covered under this logged item:

In this issue a search result does a preview on a video and then the media icon is displayed even though there is no sound - the second part sounds like your issue.


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