(mobile) saved logins not working with separated user/pw login pages

Description of the issue:

Mobile ios version. Saved logins do not prompt to populate saved login information on pages where login information has been saved in brave’s saved logins on sites with separated user and password pages. Amazon.com is an example. Not recognized by Brave as login pages and do not prompt to use saved logins for user.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Store your password information on Amazon.com. Then log out and return to the login page. No prompt is displayed to populate the account info that was saved. The prompt is only displayed once the ‘account name’ is keyed and submitted. Then on the next password page, Brave will see its a login and prompt for the password. It should have prompted to use the saved ‘account name’ too.

  2. All pages with separated user/password pages do not populate stored user account information in Brave

Expected result:
A prompt to populate login from Brave’s saved logins should be displayed on a login page. Brave doesn’t display any way to use the saved login user name, it has to be typed in. Safari sees that these are login pages and prompts to use saved login info, Brave does not.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile version 1.24, all Brave versions have had this problem

Mobile Device details
iphone 12 ios latest version

Additional Information:
No additional information

Thank you for reaching out.
Seems strange that it would offer to autofill the password but not the user name. Can you double-check that the username is present in the saved login information on the iOS device?

  1. On your device, go to device Settings --> Passwords
  2. Find the Amazon entry here and view this data
  3. Confirm that the user name field is included/accurate

Additionally, on the Passwords screen, tap Autofill passwords at the top and ensure that Brave is in the list of apps allowed to autofill information.

Thanks I tried your suggestions and everything looks ok but still not working. User name is populated in passwords and auto fill is on. I notice its only on pages with separated user and login pages. Is it working for you?

I just tried it again on amazon.com, go to ‘sign in’ and nothing happens and I need to type in my user name. Tried again in safari too, and it works normally by immediatley prompting me with a ‘log in to amazon.com?’ slideup with a button “use email@account.com”. In Brave nothing happens and I don’t see a way to use the saved login. Btw the desktop Brave handles these separated login pages just fine.

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