Mobile: resets to Brave search after minimizing

For some reason, on mobile browser, when minimizing Brave, then opening something else, then minimizing or closing that, when going back to Brave to maximize it again, it resets back to the Brave search homepage instead of the page/site it was on when it got minimized - not every time, but most often.

Why doesn’t it hold to the page/site that was there when it got minimized, but instead maximizes to the homepage/Brave search?

Brave 1.48.160 Chromium 110.0.5481.77 Android

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Thank you for reaching out.
That is… a very strange issue. Can you confirm what version of Android OS you’re using right now? Additionally, if possible, could you share a short screen recording of the behavior? Also, do you have Brave Search set as your homepage?

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  2. not yet - basically, say having Minds running in Brave browser, swipe to minimize it to open something else, like Firefox for something, swipe to close/minimize the Firefox, then tap on minimized Brave to maximize it again, and most times it will reset the original tab/window with Minds running to Brave search when in process of maximizing - can’t swipe back to original page/site, it’s just the one tab with Brave search and that’s it.
  3. yes

Looking into this — what exactly is “minds” in this context? Additionally, can you explain how you are swiping from one app to another on your device? Again I’m just trying to get the exact same behavior you’re using so that I can try and reproduce the issue. It may be device based, but on my end I cannot swipe between apps in this way.

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On an S8 plus, one is able to hide the bottom bar, then swipe up [instead of tapping] on the left bottom side to minimize the screen/app [say Brave browser]. Then swipe up on the middle to get to the home screen and choose another app to open in full screen [say Firefox browser]. When done with that app [say Firefox browser], then again on the left bottom of the screen, swipe up to minimize [the Firefox browser], then either close that app to get to the first one, or swipe to the right to get to the other app [back to the Brave browser], tap on it [the minimized Brave browser] to maximize it again.

I have a feeling you may need to clear your browsing data — however, first I’d like you to try clearing your data for specifically. Simply open the browser, go to Settings --> Site Settings —> All sites, then search for (tap it), then tap Clear & rest.

Retest the behavior and let me know if it makes any difference.

Done, will keep an eye out on it doing this again. Thanks

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Sadly, did it again couple times already :frowning:

@Mattches Interestingly, discovered completely by accident, it seems when Brave is minimized, just tapping on it to maximize is causing the problem of reopening/maximizing to Brave Search, but, when pressing and holding on the minimized window, then swiping down until it’s maximized, seems to work just fine without issue.

Apologies for the late reply here. Thank you for keeping the thread open. I’m going to have to ask our Android team about this as this issue is super weird (technical term).

Just to ensure I understand the behavior fully, when you min/maximize the browser, all your previous tabs are open, right? Its just that the site in the tab you were on before minimizing the browser changes to the homepage when you open/maximize the browser again?

@Mattches That is correct, but usually it is just the single tab on that is open. Sometimes there may be more than one tab, but not usually. So yes, the site in the tab before minimizing the browser, even when there’s more than one tab at that moment, the browser will change/reset back to a single tab of the homepage when maximizing again, that is correct.

@TheWayOfYahweh are you using private tabs? Also curious - do you have more than one version of Brave installed? (ex: Beta or Nightly?)

@Mattches @clifton No on both.

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