Mobile legacy balance transfer

Hi support!

Can anyone explain and resolve the following?!

I have transferred my legacy bat coins from mobile browser to uphold using QR code! The bat coins did land on my waller (I have seen my browser balance increase to the correct balance) but then all transferred coins disappeared??? I received an email confirmation with transaction id and I did contact Uphold but they told me to contact you guys.

So can anyone here explain where are my bat coins gone???

Here is Transaction id: 0d8580ed-99b5-43e7-9239-2dba7b34a8ec


I have not been able to send at all - I keep getting an error that the Brave server did not respond (1) when I scan the code on desktop.

Not sure why this is happening. Have almost 20$ or so in BAT last I checked that now I can’t have?

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