[Mobile] Keep videos playing after switching tab, minimizing Brave, switching off display


Brave version: 1.0.15 mobile (Chromium 55.0.2883.91) on Android 4.4.4

Currently, videos provided e.g. via youtube stop playing as soon as one either switches to a different tab inside Brave or minimizes the whole app or switches off the device’s display (note again that I’m talking about the mobile version here).

Could this behaviour be changed so that videos keep on playing anyway in any of the scenarios described? Use case: I often stream music uploaded to youtube and other video portals from my cell phone to my AVR via Bluetooth. Having to keep open the current video’s tab at all times is inconvenient as it forces me to either stop playing the music when I quickly want to use another app such as a messenger or want to look up another website inside Brave - or not touch my phone lest the sound stops. Also, most times I’d simply like to just switch off the display and put the phone down while a mix or album is streaming.

Mobile Firefox already handles video/sound playback just like the requested feature.


It is the same behavior on Chrome as well. However I have logged an issue for this feature to be implemented. You can track the issue here


Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

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