Mobile browser for iOS will load blank pages that can’t be fixed until the app is forced closed

The past few weeks I’ve noticed the mobile browser for iOS will randomly only load a white screen for websites. The issue is not localized to only certain sites as far as I can tell because I’ve had it happen many times on a multitude of different sites. Usually it will go to the site and I will see it load and then the screen will just go white. Sometimes if I scroll down on the screen, the site will appear again at the very bottom Or very top of the screen only to disappear as soon as I stop scrolling. Then the issue will continue on every url I go to until I close all tabs and completely force quit the app.

The issue seems random, but it will happen once or twice a day most days and once I even had to soft reset my entire phone for it to work again. Here are some screenshots of the issue even though they are mostly just white screens.

Hi @Tahouse - thanks a bunch for reporting. Can you confirm what version you are on? Also - do they appear white with Shields down?

I am on 1.14.2 and the shield is always on when it starts, but deactivating it after it happens has no affect of fixing the pages. Once it goes white the app is unusable until I close all the tabs and force close it. I also have tried deleting the app and downloading it again, but the problem has persisted.

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