Mistake on payout

Hi !
One month ago, due to my flagged profile, my rewards aren’t paid. @steeven said me that would be paid the next month. OK.
One month later, my BAT counter is increased and my main profile payout arrived but the amount is wrong. Only 4.09 BAT and my pending reward show 9.456BAT. It must be a mistake. My balance on 5th of April and 5th of May were superior to 4.09BAT.

The number of paid viewed ads is perhaps true but between, the amount of earning has changed.

I remind you that I have to be paid for two months. :slight_smile:

I want a explanation. Thanks.


@steeven @Mattches if you read that…
More details if you want in MP.



Hi @Mysteryo - thanks for posting.

Payments are just about to wrap up, and are often paid a few BAT at a time. Can you confirm that you still haven’t received the remaining amount?

Thank you.

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Thanks for answer @steeven

I’ve received whole amount on android, whole amount on PC second profile (test), but for main profile, just 4,09BAT for April and May, still waiting.

@steeven, I’m waiting since 15 days. You’ll say me that will be yet paid the next month ? Again ? What’s the problem with payout ? And why the counter doesn’t reset after the payout’s day ? On android all is clear. :confused:

Hi @Mysteryo - please see our DM. Thank you.

I have not received the brave creators payment to my uphold wallet that was debited on April 6, help me @steeven

Me also didn’t received Creators Payout this month. Please help @steeven

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