Missing Tip Payments

In the past I tip myself on my youtube channel about $40 or more dollars in BAT. And it only gave me half of what I tipped myself in december I was wondering where the other half went how can I receive that payment.

I do see it in the statement section maybe someone can check my history and see I tipped myself with the old brave version it wasnt the 1.0

Thank you community
remain blessed.

Hi @AwesomeBizz - self tipping isn’t a supported feature. Can you post a screenshot of your transaction history?

@AwesomeBizz you can’t tip yourself with grants; if you used grant funds that’s probably why you didn’t get them paid out!

That makes sense. Yeah I used what was in my account because at that time I couldn’t

Withdraw my funds so I tipped myself so I could get the funds.

Than the community told me to update my browser than the withdraw button appeared

Its not on the 0.6 something version,

Ok I will

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