Missing Rewards in November

Could it be that more and more people are using it, so it takes them more time to manage all these payments?

Rewards also missing here… is this a scam?

8 Dec 21 - Update 15:05 GMT - I’m happy to report that my rewards are now visible in my Gemini account, my conclusion is this is not a scam. :slight_smile:

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just WAIT, every month there are the same messages, it will happen in the next 1-2-3 days

Simply put; if enough people don’t get a response or their promised rewards within the expected timeframe, we walk, remove the browser, and the news will travel fast. Let’s be optimistic, for the time being…

8 Dec 21 - Update 15:05 GMT - I’m happy to report that my rewards are now visible in my Gemini account, my conclusion is this is not a scam. :slight_smile:

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Any official response yet about these missing payouts issue?
This is a disappointment, and very close to uninstalling from every device following a deep clean afterwards.

the exact same thing has happened to me, i hope this is not a scam because i really have trusted brave

I had a little under 2 BAT I was expecting to get dropped in my linked/verified Gemini wallet in early Nov as part of the payout for October ads.

I’m guessing that everything that should have happened in the November cycle was already processed, but I don’t show any deposits/transfers on the Gemini side after 10/31.

Some possible clues - the latest entry logs from rewards-internals is a bunch of errors telling me “can’t get gemini balance” “publisher info not found” and “claiming tokens failed” - suggestions about how to resolve these errors?

Same here I had some rewards pending from last month. Used the browser today my BAT was gone

Hello! This happened to me, too.

So do i, was expecting my rewards from November, but not even in history from that month everything is in 0, is a bit frustrating to have to look for an answer, maybe instead of a statement for how long we should wait for our rewards, that turns out to be wrong dated, should give a warning that it could take a bit longer or people like me and other people in this forum will panic since their rewards are missing. Hope the team can consider this a bit more in their page with the info about how it works, this is an awesome browser, but this topic is a little stressful. Thanks

Arrive to me too, no claim button

It say “the traitmeent of the payment” but when the payment come ? ://

Me too.
The overall response from previous users said to wait. It’s normal.
I will give it to Thurs.

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Hey, I’m missing my Brave rewards for November as well. What’s going on???

No, I don’t think so. November was the first month I saw a notice that rewards would be processed in 4 days. Every month prior, it just said claim your rewards on the day they were to be paid out. I waited 4 days, now it says 0 rewards are pending. Something is up.

I read a lot of “just need to wait” but this also happened in October and I STILL haven’t received that payout… @steeven please let me know how you can help with this.

The same with me, my October rewardsare missing. October balance is 0. Please help.


same =( my balance is still 0 and there is no option to claim rewards.

Same here, zero for November. If this is just the way it is then please someone lay it out clearly how it works and what to expect, and when.

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Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!