Missing rewards for confirmations

For the last few days, since the 4th August, 4 days ago, My Confirmed installs count has been going up but my BAT balance has not. These confirmations have not appeared on the August report.
The last BAT transactions, for confirmations, on the report stopped on the 4th August.

I checked the reports download (All time) and note that it has 38 BAT transaction payments for confirmations. One of those payments seems to include payment for approx 11 confirmations in one. So that would equate to 49 confirmations.
However my dashboard states 62 confirmations.

That leaves about 13 confirmations unpaid.

Will this correct itself?

Hi @hdiuk,

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Any BAT earned in the first week of any given month will be paid out in the following month’s payout instead. Here’s a post that answers common questions around payout - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

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