Missing Referral rewards even though Status Shows "confirmed"

In my dash-board there is 4 confirmed referral for July 2020,
But not got credit for a single referral.

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Same here. No payout yet.

@jmaresca Did u get BAT in ur publisher account for referrals?

It is FREEZE time… Me also have confirmed referrals but no BATs … don’t worry

this happened earlier also? and what does FREEZE time mean?

Yes. It means thay have to freeze your balance to process payment for this month. Thay will add balance for those confirmed referrals next week I think when freeze week ends.

Hope it will get credited…

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Im now wondering about pre freeze period referral payouts now myself : -

LOL well still says processing so well see…

No payout yet @Pijus_Adk from what I understand we may not receive our payment until the 10th because the 8th is a weekend.

Payouts are going out now as i received my Site payout earlier today, but not my june confirmed referrals yet??

you are tired of writing in all topics that you received a payment.
For referrals, no one has yet received payment. Only for donating to channels and watching ads.

Anyone got BAT for missing referrals?

I got the same issue here

same here. hope for a fix soon

Today I got the rewards from last month’s referrals, apparently it goes slowly

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Yes the bat credit is slow

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