Missing portion of BAT total. 2 synced machines showing different totals, Verified wallet

I had accumulated a total of 246 BAT on 2 synced machines. One at work (auto-contribute off), and one at home (auto-contribute on). I also have an MS Surface synced that I rarely use. I made the decision not to verify at the time since I have a separate investment bag off-line and use the on-browser account to reward my fav contributors.

Last week, my home machine showed a drop to 171 BAT. I checked, and the dashboard showed no auto-contribution occurred. It was just gone. I screen-capped the wallet (included) and went to work. My work machine still showed the 246 BAT so I decided to verify my wallet from my work machine to secure my total. When I finished the process, my Uphold wallet showed the 171 total, but the Brave Rewards page still showed the 246 total. I screen-capped my work machine as well (included).

To be clear, this is no deal breaker for me, but if this happens to others, they may not stick around. I would like to get back the BAT I lost, but it is more important to me that this issue is identified and rectified before it becomes a hindrance to mass-adoption.

Thank you in advance.


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