Missing Payouts - Is there official word?

Like many others I’m missing the January payout. I have an unverified wallet and in November I got my payout on the 5th and in December it was the 7th… but here we are on 1/12 and I still have nothing. I don’t see a Claim Rewards button… in fact I never have. I’ve never had to click anything to get my rewards, it just update my total automatically. Did something change?

Just curious if there has been official word from someone with Brave on what is going on. There should be transparency, especially from a company like this. If there is an issue or something making it take longer, then say so… and don’t change the status to “Ready to claim” if that’s not true for everyone.

I’m willing to work with any devs on this and do testing or whatever for them if there’s a bug or something. I don’t know who to tag to let them know… I’m on Windows 10 20H2 and I do have the latest Brave (Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)). I’ve tried switching between the two different default wallets (Brave Wallet and Brave Wallet (Prefer Extensions)) listed in settings and neither gives me a “Claim” button.

The “Promotions” tab of Rewards Internals only reflects the Nov and Dec payments. Key info seed is still valid. Nothing in the logs recently except the unblinded token retrieval error which I don’t believe is related.


Bro or sis except they pay you to help them test. please it is their job let them do it. My 2 cents

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Here is all the mods I’ve seen people mentioning: @steeven @GreenBananaPorridge @SaltyBanana @Mattches

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Having worked in various IT roles such as development, QA, deployment, admin, etc. I know that it’s not possible for any company to completely test their software on every possible combination of OS, hardware, plugins, other software installed, etc. and it helps if they have end users to assist. I have no issue with this as it contributes to bettering the platform for myself and others. The browser and this program are free from our perspective so I don’t see why contributing a little would be a bad thing.


I’ve had the same problem and couldn’t get my January payout (a part of it). I’m using brave browswer both on my notebook and my mobile phone (mobile phone for the last three months if I’m not wrong). So I was getting two times a payout from notebook’s and from mobile browsers to my verified Uphold wallet. Now I see that the payouts for January (to the verified Uphold wallets) are already completed but I’ve taken only from my mobile brave (0,25 BAT) but not from my notebook’s brave (should be 1,217 if I remember right). My brave on installed on my notebook has the latest version ( 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Resmi Derleme) (64 bit) Sürümü ). And I couldn’t see any buttons like “Claim your ad earnings now!” in rewards setting screen. Could you please let me know how to proceed? Thanks

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Im in the same boat with Uphold although I have a fully verified Uphold account , but still no reward on this occasion. Uphold are clear it’s not at their end that the issue exists so have reached out to @steeven on this although I suspect they are somewhat swamped at the moment.

Real reason for replying though was to say that once a wallet gemini or uphold is linked to the bowser my understanding and experience was that the payment goes automatically and there is no claim rewards button, in fact I have received one to Gemini without the machine being switched on, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

Also do agree that if there is value to the devs along the lines that you are suggesting I am sure there would be some who would be willing to get involved.

I think mods doesnt know anything either, just copypaste scripts to keep everybody “calm”


Same thing for me I use it on 2 mobile phone, and I received the January payout only for one.

They have just changed the Brave Ads Payout status at the top of the page for Verified Uphold wallets to “Payments Processing. Investigating issue. We are actively working to fully process Uphold payments.”.

It seems they are aware of the larger issue now and are working to fix it.


Yes but my post states I am an unverified user, and so are many others.

Duh duh duh :notes::notes::notes::notes: dramatic music

I can’t imagine how overwhelmed they are. Maybe they’re looking to fix the source of the problem rather than backtracking after the fact to resolve each issue one by one?

I want to say lol but I have seen enough to have the least benefit of a doubt maybe you all may make a believe of me that things would be better. Till then I am waiting for the decentralized version themis

That may very well be the case, however, they can take a few minutes to communicate to the community and acknowledge there is an issue and that they are working on it… give an ETA or even state they aren’t sure of an ETA. Leaving people in the dark is bad for business and not a professional way of handling things.

I haven’t received the payout for the previous month, while it says that the Gemini payouts are done.
Please help


Could not agree with you more! Some public acknowledgment would be great. They updated the header acknowledging the Uphold wallet issue, but now there seems to be something up with Gemini verified wallets as well.

DM one of the mods, I got a response from @steeven . He said my gemini account was flagged, and he unflagged me. I’m hoping I get the payment now, but who knows.

Already DM’ed them. My account was “unflagged” last month and I’m now accumulating BAT again this month, but all my BAT from previous months that disappeared when I linked Gemini still has yet to be paid out.

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If its anything like when I linked to Uphold it might take a few days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the issues this month were linked to ETH +GAS’s volatility and insanely high rates. BAT is an ERC-20 after all.

I assume moving to Uphold & Gemini uses some amount of gas/transact fee, which would mean it’d presumably have to have a smart contract that determines when/if it’s worthwhile to send at the current gas rate to not cut into margins.

Been with Brave/BAT two years. It’ll get fixed. Never had a problem that didn’t get fixed eventually

It isn’t about accepting your account was flagged for me…it is why was it flagged. The thing I most hear is ooh vpn this VPN that. I can say that can’t be it. At least let it be know why an account would be flagged. A clearer or updated terms page

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