Missing payment for referrals in jan/feb

I have had a balance of 279.57 BAT for over 2 months now. They should have been paid out to m uphold wallet last month around this time. To clarify, these BAT are from referrals. I have been paid out in a timely manner for my referrals in the past with no issues. Last month was the first time i have had any issues. I have emailed support and posted on reddit and gotten no help or even response. Should i address this through twitter or are you guys gonna respond here ?PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. i love this platform but will discontinue support if this is not resolved.

update : u/cryptojennie on reddit has responded to me there and looked into my case, she was SUPER helpful and has assured me that i will receive my payment in a couple days. So big shout out to her for helping me with this issue. I will update after April 8th if/when rewards are processed

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