Missing part of the BAT after verification of the wallet

I decided to verify the wallet. But after verification there was a problem - the number of BAT changed from 17 to 6.5.
The chronology of events is as follows:
On January 31, 2022 at 00:08:22 Moscow time Uphold wallet was verified.
According to the log, the event “promotion_climed” occurred with the specified value of 17.250000 at 00:08:23.
From 00:08:27 to 00:08:29 Moscow time six successful transactions occurred to Uphold purse. The total amount of transactions was 6.5 BAT. At the same time 10.75 BAT simply disappeared.
I should note that according to the full log (brave_rewards_log.txt) from 00:08:38 to 00:19:34 Moscow time and from 00:45:46 to 00:45:47 Moscow time there were errors (503) and (327).
Why this happened and how can I fix it?
Additional data:

  • VPN is not used
  • I am in a supported region
  • The device passes SafteyNet verification
  • Android version 9.

Hi @BATman4 and welcome to Community :smiley:

Thanks for sharing, looking into this issue. Could you kindly send me a DM.

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Hi @Harshad1,

Please do not share your wallet ID in public threads. You may send over DM to protect your information.

Deleting your post.

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Ok i dm you please solve this thanks

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