Missing "New site" and "Close site" buttons on tray bar / gestures

  1. New site button / gesture:

The lower tray bar doesn’t have a new site (+) button, the users must click the Sites button, then the + button unnecessarily.

E.g. this could also be a native feature in the browser, or a function in Settings menu that can be turned on/off, so the users could decide between tray bar with 5 or 6 buttons (or 7 with an x button to close site). For some people the 6-7 is too much (these are too close), but for others these functions and the faster manageability are more important.
Or it could be a gesture too.

  1. Close site button / gesture:

I can’t close the actual opened site e.g. with an x button on the lower tray bar or with a gesture. I can switch between the sites (left or right slide), but close the site is not possible from the bar or with gesture. Only from the Sites menu too, so with 2 click, unnecessarily.

I search for this functions on the net, but I didn’t find any solutions.
I use the newest Brave version with Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+.
These are my dev. proposals. But I think so maybe many people would be happy with these.

You can get new tab button if you disable homepage/home button.

Menu → Settings → Homepage.

And added my vote for #2. :relaxed:

It’s great, thank you for your help!

There is also a - not perfect - solution to the second point, if we press and hold the Sites button, then the Close in the popup menu.

Ah, right! Forgot about that option too — rarely using a long tap.

Looking back at my reply above, I’m using tab group (Settings → Appearance) and I think it’s easier to close tab within tab group as it show close button for active tab.