Missing Legacy Wallet Option

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No option for legacy wallet transfer on IOS (iPad and iPhone). My desktop shows a QR code.

Can’t be reproduced as you’ve not given me an option on my phone or iPad to complete the legacy wallet transfer.

I want to be able to transfer my months of BAT I accrued into my desktop wallet from my two mobile devices.

Both devices have Brave version 1.22.2 (

iPhone and iPad

I follow the instructions but all it gives me is the option to look at “rewards internals” on both devices.


Bumping - I have the Same issue

same issue here. seems they’ve had a few different issues with the rewards.

Bump experiencing the same issue

Bump. Very quiet out here on this front…

I’m having the same issue no clue how to fix it…

@steeven care to chime in on this? Or maybe respond to one of the messages I have sent you?

My iOS brave rewards section shows no legacy wallet transfer option - no transfer option at all. Please assist.

bump. still waiting on solution

Hi there @J.DO welcome to community😊

Please see this link…[NOTICE] Update on iOS Transfer issues - #4 by Mattches
for further information why you are running into this issue.


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