Missing half of my BAT?


I’ve been using Brave Rewards for almost a year now, and have claimed ad grants nearly every month since then, keeping about 25-30 dollars worth of BATs saved. I’ve been busy these past couple months and haven’t checked it as frequently as possible, and since then I’ve dropped down to under 100 BATs-- in fact, I only had about 50 before I claimed the rewards for this month. Where did all my BATs go? Did they expire or auto-contribute? There are no records of any contributions made for this month as far as I can see.


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If you’ve been away for a couple of months, you may have been affected by an auto-contribute bug that we had not long ago.
Can you go to brave://rewards-internals and copy/paste/ DM me the information found here so I can take a look on our end?


Same here. I turned off the Auto-contribute last month because I want to stack BAT for now. It still shows off, but in the box to the right it shows all my BAT last month went to someone, somewhere on auto-contribute. All that reading of adds and all I see is a -11 BAt to Auto contribute. Daunting! What a nice and convenient BUG for you all to have.

Will my BAT be refunded. Nothing in my uphold acct either? I am about to stop reading all of the ads, per my side of the bargain.

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Yeah, I’ve yet to find out whether my BAT was auto-contributed away at some point, or if I’m just being driven literally insane from this system, but I did have an issue the other day where my monthly reward disappeared without explanation and then was re-rewarded to me this morning. I believe I may have lost BAT entirely to bugs; I’ve yet to contribute intentionally—and I’ve since switched over from Brave Dev to the hopefully more stable version. Good luck on solving your issue as well.

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