Missing Deposits for 3 months

I have 4 Brave wallets on 2 at work computers and 2 at home. The deposits were sent to my Uphold account as follows

For December payouts deposited on 1/5/2020, I received 4 reward deposits.

For the January payout deposit on 2/6/2020, I received only 3 deposits.
For the February payout deposit on 3/5/2020, I received again only 3 deposits.
For March payout deposit on 4//5/2020, I received only 2 payouts deposits.
For April payout on 5/6/2020, I only received 2 deposits only.

I contacted Uphold Support for assistance. They advised me to contact Brave Support.

Any ideas as to what is going on? Any support provided is appreciated.

Thank you Tolo

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