Missing Brave Rewards April 2023 to October 2023

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I have not earned rewards from April 2023 to October 2023. Blank statements. Is this due to this issue in the FAQ? Is it possible to get these payouts for the missing months?

For existing Rewards users, while you do not have a custodial account connected, your “Estimated earnings” for the month will be blank, as you won’t be earning. However, once you’re verified and have a custodial account connected, you will resume earning BAT, and your estimated earnings counter will display again as normal.

Windows 10 Pro v1.59.124
Just joined Uphold today.
Within Canada.
Brave Software Inc sent to Uphold as of 1115PM EST.

@Yatti420 according to what you have shared here, you just connected to Uphold today, right? If you weren’t connected to Uphold or Gemini until now, then you weren’t earning any BAT.

So there would be no payouts. You earned nothing if not connected.

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