Missing bookmarks

Yesterday, 1-11-23, I realized that about 30% of my bookmarks had disappeared. This morning, I logged onto my other PC and found the same problem with, (apparently), the same bookmarks missing. Keep in mind that these 2 computers are not networked but they do use the same router.

Hello @MikeZ

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Can you make sure you didn’t create a new browser profile? Circle icon next to the Main menu.


Be waiting for your response!

I did not and I don’t have that icon. Also worth noting, the SAME problem happened on my “old” computer in the same time frame. Most of the old bookmarks are there but the ones that are missing are random, but common, to each PC. I only went to the old PC to find out which bookmarks had disappeared but the same issue had occurred there.


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