Missing bitcoins from brave July Payout

Hello sir so I got my publisher payout today but I think due to some issue some of the bitcoins I earned is missing can someone help me or explain why is this happening with me

On my brave publisher account dashboard it says it’s going to deposit 0.14 btc
But I only received 0.13 btc on my uphold account can anyone help me or explain to me why is this so
And thank you

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i think is normal, if you check the payout it say’s 0.13683… so the system must rounded the number 0.14, also remember the label of BTC changes depending on the price of BAT on Bitcoin.

Also, on what i know the transfers also take a small commission to be verified due to the ethereum network.

Edit: i didn´t pay attention to your payout, it seems that you have sended to autoconvert BAT to Bitcoin, that also takes commission in uphold if i remember well.

In resume, those are commissions taken due to transfer and exchange from BAT to BTC

Edit2: For example when you send BAT to a Dollars Card in uphold (using automatic exchange) you get a 1.95% of commission)

If a take the same rate of commissions and i calculate the deposit afther the exchange is more or less of what you received


In other words it’s normal.

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Ok thank you for explaining