Missing BAT Tokens on personal account

So after using the Brave Browser with much love it got me wondering about the rewarding system and a possible bug in it regarding my own account.

The past months I’ve been receiving my BAT tokens every month but there are some ‘floating’ BAT tokens in my browser that just don’t seem to get send to my verified Uphold account.

I’ve made several screenshots to clarify the problem.

This is the amount ‘floating’ in my Brave Browser.

This is the amount after connecting my Uphold account. You notice this is 13BAT + 5.762BAT I already had in my account makes it a total of 18.762BAT.

Now as last, my Uphold account that is connected to my Brave Browser. As you can see here is only 5.762BAT deposited.

Is there a fix to get these floating 13BAT out of my browser?

Kind regards and have a nice day!

Hi @jmsuos the team is already aware of this issue and is working to fix it you can follow this thread know Fix for bat not porting to uphold

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