Missing BAT tokens in my Publishers dashboard?

Hi, I don’t seem to have any BAT tokens in my Publishers dashboard…I’ve referred a number of my peers during the previous $1,000,000 BAT tokens giveaway a couple of months ago and they’ve kindly set my website for contribution but I’m checking my balance today and it’s 0.00 still.

Any help?

Hi @brayve,

As of right now, the current contribution balance does not include the BAT earned from the referral promo. But you can still track the number of downloads and confirmed referrals in the promo panel on the dashboard.

After settlement each month, you should see how much you earned from contributions and referrals on your statement.

cc @Asad

How many months/years does it take for BAT from referrals to be paid out?

It also says 0 Downloaded 0 Confirmed, no clue why since I was right beside my friends who downloaded and used Brave browser…

Thanks again.

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