Missing bat in uphold wallet

The transactions doesn’t add up i know its not much BAT but its seems suspicious that a BAT would be gone in my uphold wallet without a trace and my auto contribute is off.

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How many BATs are missing though? I can’t seem to find the problem.

Send the whole Transaction history of Uphold, it will be way clear.


Hi the last transfer i did was 2.31 BAT to xrp ledger and it empties my wallet. later that month i receive total 9.5125 BAT and later sent total of 7.28406936 so there should be about 2.22843064 BAT left and a month later i receive 0.7625 so there should be about 2.99093064 BAT left. But it seems that the remaining balance is about 0.87 BAT for some reason and im wondering why.

I can’t see that all in the screenshots…

Please provide the entire History? Since it only shows half of the history.

heres pages 2 to 6th

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