Missing BAT from my wallet suddenly

Recently I installed Brave Browser Nightly release after also having
Brave Browser Stable installed. About 13 BAT was then transferred to
@BraveRewards. I did not make this transfer and the Auto-Contribute
option was off. I have already talked about this issue with Uphold
support, and they advised me to contact you.

Hi mandar, due an Brave update browser I did days ago I lost almost all my BAT rewards…Two days after update just return a small part but today I checked and same situation about my rewards…What I need to do o who can help me to solve this issue ? Thanks

I seen it happen several times. Since i never trust a thirdparty i didnt trust this to begin with. I mean going through uphold and then Brave wallet is just nonsense to begin with. I always use hardware wallet or core wallet. There are some good ones for browser like Metamask that can store ERC20 like BAT. So if you have any crypto just use a ledger or trezor. You never loose anything ever again.
If you want a pc/osx wallet i recommend Exodus. Pretty decent.

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Hey - everyone should be seeing their balance now. Can you DM me and send me the text on your brave://rewards-internals page? I will take it from there.


Now is working OK and i can’t reproduce error. Updating to newest version did the trick I gues.

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