Missing BAT from my wallet suddenly

Thanks for taking care of this so quickly. You guys are awesome!

For those who were impacted by the upgrade issue, we need volunteers for debugging circumstances. We will need some detailed ledger data from you. If you are willing, do DM me so I can share my email. Appreciate the help!

Best, Mandar

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My balance is back. Thank you very much.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi all - thank you so much for bearing with us, and for updating in this thread that you’re balances have updated correctly.

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@suzie6 were you able to move past the Captcha?

Hi Mandar,
could you please merge my open issue to this thread? My brave bats went to zero
I have the same issue, missing BAT from my wallet, I’m available for debugging.

Hu @stubbadub can you please DM me and I can share my email so we can take it offline. Thanks

I suffer the same problem for over two months now. They never fix this. And now I’m using the current update and that shows my BAT for about three seconds and then it disappears again. This company lease something to be desired. They can’t even accomplish their basic mandate: allowing us to obtain and use the BATs.

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I have missing BAT also. My wallet says it’s verified but still issues(wallet verified not highlighted green). I have no Brave Browser card in uphold, in the card section. No option to withdraw.

I’m happy to help with debugging or anything else, have just acquired ‘nightly’
although not set up yet.

No grand mother. It may be a bug on brave or may be you have auto contribute enabled on your browser which tips Content creators whom u visits their sites

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I sent you a message regarding my unreceived BAT in my uphold for the last 2 months but u refused to reply me

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Hi @Dominus1 no need for name calling :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing your DM - can you resend? I assure you that I will reply right away. Thank you so much!!

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Am sorry if I was rude or unfriendly. Kindly forgive. I am going to DM you right away

Dear Brave Community -

We have now resolved the missing BAT from your balance issue that occurred due to the need for all of you to upgrade to the latest Browser version. Reason to post this is to let folks know we are not looking for volunteers unless the upgrade is specifically causing issues.

cc @steeven


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Thanks so much for taking the time. It turned out that it was just a bug and its been resolved. Thank you for taking care of this. You guys are awesome.

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Welcome Granny. Am from Ghana and You?

Recently I installed Brave Browser Nightly release after also having
Brave Browser Stable installed. About 13 BAT was then transferred to
@BraveRewards. I did not make this transfer and the Auto-Contribute
option was off. I have already talked about this issue with Uphold
support, and they advised me to contact you.

Hi mandar, due an Brave update browser I did days ago I lost almost all my BAT rewards…Two days after update just return a small part but today I checked and same situation about my rewards…What I need to do o who can help me to solve this issue ? Thanks

I seen it happen several times. Since i never trust a thirdparty i didnt trust this to begin with. I mean going through uphold and then Brave wallet is just nonsense to begin with. I always use hardware wallet or core wallet. There are some good ones for browser like Metamask that can store ERC20 like BAT. So if you have any crypto just use a ledger or trezor. You never loose anything ever again.
If you want a pc/osx wallet i recommend Exodus. Pretty decent.

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