Missing BAT every month

Hi all,
Since a few months ago, I have noticed that I am missing BAT every month, sometimes the amount is reduced 2 or 3 times in the same month.
Yesterday I had over 1 BAT, and today I only have 0.822 BAT.
There are no payment or tips or anything such, as I have switched any payments off just for checking purposes, but the amount of BAT that I should have is always reduced.
A couple of questions…who takes it?? and how???
Any ideas, comments, or explanations would be most welcome.

I noticed this too…
I think Brave team can revert ad campaigns and earnings from they ads. Maybe through support team, or automatically… Idk how it exactly realized.
But fact: till payout (7th day of month), all your earnings are only digit in Browser. So Brave\BAT team can do anything they want with it.
For example, don’t pay you for this month. Or even 3 months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thx for the reply.
Yes, I imagine they can do as they wish, which does not give me a lot of confidence …

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