Missing BAT can I get those back

Description of the issue:
I went to bed with 108 BAT after connecting my Uphold account, woke up to 25.0 BAT

How can this issue be reproduced?

I’ve been using Brave Browser for a few months on my Windows PC, not sure how to recreate the issue passed not using the browser seeing the only thing I did was connect my Uphold account to verified state.

  1. Download Brave
  2. Use Brave for Months and earn rewards
  3. Connect Brave Browser to Uphold

Expected result:
Loose rewards amount over-night

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I’d like my rewards amount back and continue using my Brave Browser.

@steeven @asad

If you “earned” BAT from grants, then it may “expired” – if not used for 90 days – and be sent back to UGP.

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@kia Other things to consider:

  1. Do you have auto contribute enabled? If so, what is your monthly budget and when is your Next Contribution Date? (See brave://rewards)

  2. Do you have any recurring tips? If so, what is the amount of recurring tips and when is your Next Monthly tip date? (See brave://rewards)

Depending on your answers to the above, it’s possible that your Auto Contribute/Monthly tips were processed.

I also have other questions - your screenshot does not appear to be from 0.69.132. Using 0.69.132, click on the BAT logo and click on Grants on the panel. Could you please take a screenshot and post this.

Also, you said

Did you complete the KYC process with Uphold? Meaning, are you fully verified with them? If so, what happens when you login to your Uphold account. Is the rest of your balance in your Brave Browser card on Uphold?

Lastly, could you tell me which country you are in?

Hi there, it was probably one of two things (or both) –

  1. You had Auto-Contribute activated, causing your BAT to be spent automatically.

  2. You had BAT grants that expired, causing your balance to drop.

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