Missing BAT after update

i still cant get my BAT in my uphold wallet , everything is done and verified but my uphold account still says i have no bat in my wallet, if there any brave support that read this could they please look over my account, or if anybody knows how to rectify this please reply, much thanks

no, they “can’t manually verify my id as their validation system is automated” rofl … what a bunch of junk

so @Matches I am wondering whats going on here, since you told me to send a email, i sent 2, no reply, it’s been 28 days … then you told me to send you a PM, i sent you 2 PM’s, no reply?

Hi, I think you’re talking to the wrong Matches. There’s another guy called @Mattches who posted earlier.

getting sick of brave my wallet has been emptied yet again, i got no support help lastime and now again my bat is gone, how can u advertise as a rival to anything if u keep stealing peoples hard earned tokens, im needing help support on how to get this bat back or im gonna just leave brave as it will clearly of proven to me as a complete con, if support just ignore my pleas again.

your not the only one who got ripped off, and who support completly ignored

FYI, this is a documented bug at this time.

@bornslippy @kronikpillow (and anyone else i missed), if you haven’t already, please send me a PM with the details from your brave://rewards-internals page as well as the amount of BAT you had lost.

@Asad I have contacted refunds@brave.com 2 times with no reply from that email and no refund, I have also contacted @Mattches via DM with the details of rewards-internals and also no reply, so I guess 4th time is the charm, sending u now

I have same problem. I got rewards last couple month but this month ( March 2020), I didnt get any credit for BAT reward while using browser and click ads. Can you let me know what the problem. I didnt change any setting. Still the same from the begining but didnt get any reward.