Missing BAT after update

For anyone in this thread,
We’re experiencing some issues on our end with Rewards that we’re very well aware of. We’re working hard to isolate and resolve the issue as soon as possible and with the goal being to ensure that everyone who believes their funds have disappeared due to this issue will have those fund returned once resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

My funds vanished from my offline wallet. Nothing else was taken but BAT. How do you explain this??

I noticed this happened to me a couple weeks ago as well and was getting really bent out of shape about it. I’m 200% sure auto contribute was turned off, yet sometime in the last month all my BAT was “contributed” with no history of it ever happening. This is on my destop (Mac), Ipad, and Iphone. All three devices have different amounts on them, ranging from 2.8-5.2 BAT now. Please Help

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you want me to post that publicly here? i mean the results of brave://rewards-internals

I was forced to update my brave browser this week and today I noticed all my funds are gone. I don’t remember how many BAT I had but it was just over 10 bucks worth on this PC

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