Missing BAT after update

For anyone in this thread,
We’re experiencing some issues on our end with Rewards that we’re very well aware of. We’re working hard to isolate and resolve the issue as soon as possible and with the goal being to ensure that everyone who believes their funds have disappeared due to this issue will have those fund returned once resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

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My funds vanished from my offline wallet. Nothing else was taken but BAT. How do you explain this??

I noticed this happened to me a couple weeks ago as well and was getting really bent out of shape about it. I’m 200% sure auto contribute was turned off, yet sometime in the last month all my BAT was “contributed” with no history of it ever happening. This is on my destop (Mac), Ipad, and Iphone. All three devices have different amounts on them, ranging from 2.8-5.2 BAT now. Please Help


you want me to post that publicly here? i mean the results of brave://rewards-internals

I was forced to update my brave browser this week and today I noticed all my funds are gone. I don’t remember how many BAT I had but it was just over 10 bucks worth on this PC

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No, please send the information via DM.

information sent via dm

I have the same problem please help

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Hi I am also missing almost 200 BAT from my Brave browser wallet and sent you a DM as well with the rewards internals ID.

I believe many of you here seeing “disappearing” BAT may be encountering a particular known issue that the team is working on:

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hi, i have had 103 bat returned but i had 160+ in BAT also missing my jan payment, but heres the thing everything in my wallet has came back payment history a certain amount of my BAT but 60 less bat and my monthly statements has been altered as previous my history payments came to 160 now it only comes to 104, it was`ent that previous, si right now im down 60 Bat since December and missing my JAN payment. i want this back, thanks jamie

hi, i too have this issue, i cant withdraw any bat and none of my bat appears in my uphold account just my brave wallet,was told it should be sorted in the first 2 weeks of march, this was from uphold helpdesk.

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thanks for the info, I hope they’ll fix it for us

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your lucky, i didn’t get anything back … thinking of just disabling brave rewards since they spam us with ads, and then our BAT goes missing every now and then …

I mean for a company who does advertisement and pays users for advertisement, allowing such a update to even be released shows a major flaw about the company, and makes me doubt how serious they are about what they do

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Same. more 20BAT, then 0.000000 when update new version. lol

brave is still a very new platform, their is bound to be hick-ups f**k-ups. I personally have faith in brave and support what they are trying to do, everybody should be paid for the online content, i think in time brave will improve and everybody who got in early will reap huge rewards when BAT goes to the moon in the crypto market. stay the long -run move BAT out of your brave browser every month to a wallet, (coinbase) has great facilities for exp and noobs for storing your crypto. hope u get your bat back bud and we are all gonna make a tidy profit by next April-may 2021.

This is directed primarily to @Mattches but may be of use to others…

TL;DR “Completely uninstall everything (refer to img below) and then re-verify new wallet and restore from old” caveat … you may lose BAT so be careful or wait for fixed update.

I recently tried to verify my wallet within the Brave browser. Got stuck in what I see now as “the infamous loop” from what I can see in the forum and GIT.

After looking about and following numerous steps I finally managed to get verified but ultimately at the cost of “losing” my BAT in the process.

My resulting efforts were basically as follows:

Download latest version of Brave. Completely uninstall the old version using my copy of App Cleaner (I’d recommend btw) which got rid of a whole host of files. Just deleting the Brave browser didn’t do it.

The resulting files were:

This then enabled me to complete an installation of a fresh version (latest) of Brave.
This was enough for the new version to be completely fresh with the ability to create a new wallet which I then proceeded to restore my previous wallet and go through the verification process which low and behold worked! I now had a verified wallet … however before you bring out the balloons and whistles I realised that my wallet (after being restored) was completely empty, save a pending amount to be added on March 5th. So, what has happened to my balance??

I can only speculate … albeit, I realise there are a few issues surrounding these problems which hopefully will be sorted soon, but it’s not giving me confidence in Brave. I know it’s a fairly young app but giving that this is financial transactional data surely a version shouldn’t be rolled out until completely and fully tested.

@Mattches I have DM’d you my “rewards internals” but I suspect this may not be of any help as the info is different to my original wallet but I would hope that the files i still have from deleting the original may still be of help. Also, I have screenshots of my wallet with the total before doing the re-install.

If you need anything else then refer to the list above and I can send the appropriate file.


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like I said before, I can not use the uphold wallet, as they won’t allow me to verify my identity, as I don’t have a drivers licence, or a passport, and they seem to reject a valid personal ID card because it is in cyrilic so in reality, I can not use wallets at all, and I surely wont make a new personal ID just because Uphold are nationalists

Just an FYI to the above post. (here)

My wallet has now been updated (as of 5 Mar) during the latest run with what I can more or less work out as being my old wallet from old installation plus Feb’s rewards so all good so therefore it has successfully been restored (unless someone has manually added the info) with the total correct balance going forward and also successfully been added to my uphold account that has been verifed so all good on the rewards front.

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That sucks. Have you sent an actual message to their support with any error messages. I’m sure they could manually do it. If not, then that definitely sucks.

uphold support