Missing BAT: after connecting to ZepPay

I lost more than 16 BAT after I connected my Rewards wallet to ZepPay Wallet. Rewards Internals says it’s drained. What does it mean?
This balance appeared to be Missing right after I verified my ZepPay account using KYC.

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I have the same problem. can you do a fix? even the TX Hash is also not being displated as “incoming tokens”. My BAT tokens have also dissapeared. MY Zebpay is Verified. Kindly help.

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@Amal if you just recently connected, you’ll receive the payment next month. It doesn’t appear right away.


I have linked my zeppay to brave almost 1.5 months ago but still didn’t received my lost bat i had almost 30 bat

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Money is credited back to my wallet. Thanks for your support all this time. :slight_smile: .

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