Missing a part of downloads and Installs for yesterday

My stats for 2 march decreased dramatically, for all traffic sources. Your system don’t count again downloads and installs properly, please check it.

Hi @proplus - it can take up to 48hrs for the graph stats to update.

also i usually problem for over 24 0re :addormentato:

Hi @liliana - are you currently experiencing an issue with your stats?

Ciao Steeven, I have this problems from a few days.
The downloads number , the inatalleds number and the comfermeds number and the balance for february are blocked.

I work realy bad without my statistics.
Your help it will be realy apreciated.
Thanks a lot.

Problem exists. Stats for 2 march remain unchanged, for few days stats show only installs and doesn’t show downloads. For yesterday for some channels with many traffic I have 0 stats.

Hi @liliana - please see this post - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

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